How Will You Encourage People to Serve?
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Q11 - How Will You Encourage People to Serve?

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Currently, our church functions with a Sunday school model that is losing ground with making connections. The Sunday school classes focus mainly on teaching and whatever fellowship happens on Sunday morning. I have heard from older members that the Sunday school used to function more like a modern day small group, helping people serve and become closer to Jesus. It seems that a majority of Sunday school attenders come to class to be taught and do the occasional service when asked to participate at a church wide level.

I do see small groups being a great place to help people discover their spiritual gifts and then encouraging them to serve within that gifted area. Until our small group ministry is built, I believe there are things that the church can do to encourage people to serve. As staff, we plan to explore the idea of having a church wide focus for learning and studying. Perhaps one of these campaigns could be focused on some kind of spiritual assessment tool and how to find your sweet spot for serving. I understand that we cannot force every teacher to have the same focus for curriculum, but we can present the opportunity to unite for a time to focus on the same thing.

I liked the idea of trying a ministry for 6 weeks, as Steve mentioned in his book. I could see this approach encouraging some members in our church to try something new. People are more likely to do something different when it is only for a short time. I have recently see this happen in our children's ministry. One of my teachers needed to be out indefinitely for a family illness. When she asked her ladies from her Sunday school class to teach one Sunday a month until she returned, every Sunday was filled by new volunteers! It has been amazing to watch God work through a struggle to bring new servants to teach preschoolers that may have never tried it through a traditional ask.

In the Sunday school model, how would you motivate each class to serve?
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Since we do not have a small group ministry at our church (yet), I am trying to apply these lessons to developing the leaders of the church. Once they become the true godly leaders they need to be, then my job becomes easier and more effective. As Steve refers to in Paul’s teachings, my job is to equip them to serve.

Tapping into people’s Spiritual gifts is powerful. I spent a Sunday, morning and evening, about a month ago explaining these gifts and gave the evening group an inventory that they could work through. Unfortunately, most older people see this as a “test” and just file it away without barely looking at it. They tend to have the attitude that such service is for the young people and “I’m retired.” I am trying to reach out to these individuals with specific tasks that I think they would be good at. So far, they do it, but the resulting excitement is minimal. How can I get them to realize the important of serving even after retirement?

In the area of apply this technique of developing the gifts of my church leaders, I think this is an answer to the next step in my strategy. I need to work with them on their Spiritual gifts. My question is, “Is there a better way to identify Spiritual gifts than with a test?”
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I appreciated how Steve made the connection about how people feel a part of the church when they are participating in groups and serving in the church. I believe we live in a consumer culture today, we consume the programs on the TV, we consume the products we purchase and in church many come to consume the worship, teaching and fellowship. Giving back and serving others is not a normality in our culture anymore. But as Steve points out, people feel the most connected when they are participating, “consuming,” and serving others.

I love that Steve spent some time addressing spiritual gifts. I can see that he is spot on in saying that the church often perceives that everyone knows and wants to operate in their spiritual gifting. I often have this misconception myself! It was a great refresher to hear Steve remind me to not jump to conclusion on the understanding that someone has about their spiritual gifts.

My wife has often struggle with understanding or identifying her spiritual gifting and I have seen how it affects her relationship with the Lord. My experience with her leads me to wanting others to understand their spiritual giftings in their fullness as well. Focusing on helping others know and use their gifting will be a great way to encourage people in the small groups.

These patterns, with the concept that Steve introduced; the Discover, Develop and Deploy people with their gifting strengthened. I like this concept and love the repetition of letter, it always helps me remember. This is a great concept to apply to my discipleship.
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What about trying Steve's idea of trying a ministry for 6 weeks? You most likely won't get 100% participation, but you may gain some new people serving in a new way. People tend to pick ministry that peaks their interest, which usually matches closely to what they are Spiritually gifted to do. So, maybe throw out the test and have a call to action!

Not completely throw out the test, but maybe come back to it after a time of exploration. I see the discovering of gifting happening both with a test and with trying out a ministry. Without a small group to encourage in this process, it is more difficult to get people to apply the results from the Spiritual assessment test.
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Re: How Will You Encourage People to Serve?

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I've always enjoyed group conversations about spiritual gifts because they're encouraging and motivating to people. Maybe because people see how they're uniquely created by God to fulfill a purpose that has eternal ramifications. I like to introduce people to spiritual gifts by looking at 1 Cor 12, Rom 12, and Eph 4 together and having each one complete a spiritual gifts assessment like S.H.A.P.E. before the next gathering. Then people share their results, which everyone seems to enjoy doing, and I invite group members to affirm how they see those gifts in the person's life. It's uplifting and a great bonding exercise. Although the test isn't necessary, I've found it to be a useful tool in helping people self-evaluate and connect what the Lord has woven into them with spiritual gifts referenced in Scripture. Ideally, leaders/hosts can leverage an exercise like this to get group members to take on smaller tasks for a shorter period of time (vs appointing them to roles for an indefinite length of time) as a way to develop their gifts through use and therefore their leadership too. Not long ago, I shared a blog on how leaders could leverage spiritual gifts to build community that I welcome you to check out here: ... community/
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Re: How Will You Encourage People to Serve?

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